Christmas Wishes

Christmas is an especially difficult time for the women and children we serve. For some, they are spending Christmas in a shelter and for others they are starting a new life with extremely limited financial resources. We work hard to alleviate that strain where we can around the holiday season and are extremely fortunate to live in a community that responds each year and helps make Christmas brighter for those who use our services.

We sincerely thank you for helping us make a difference for victims of violence each holiday season.

Here are a few ways you, your family, or your organization can make a difference during the holiday season:

Monetary Donation: By making a financial gift to Nipissing Transition House, your donation helps the shelter provide abused women and children in your community with extra needs that arise through the winter and holiday season.

Gift Cards: These are very useful gifts to receive during the holidays. Gift cards allow women and children to purchase what they need or want the most, including food for their family.

Sponsor a Family – You, your family or your organization can sponsor one or more of our families by providing items on their Holiday Wish List. Please contact Charlene at [email protected] or at 705-476-2429 for more information.