Child and Youth Advocate

The Nipissing Transition House Child and Youth Advocate has a unique role in the shelter. She specifically advocates for the needs of children within the shelter and with their mothers. One thing that can never be forgotten is that while Mom may have been the primary target of the abuse at home, her children have been impacted by it and come to the shelter in crisis, just as Mom does.

As well, the Child and Youth Advocate provides school-based services dedicated to providing children and teens with counselling in the areas of: self-esteem, empathy, anger management, conflict resolution, bullying awareness, family conflict, friendship, separation and divorce, grief counselling, dating violence, healthy relationships and/or other areas of concern they indicate needing help and support in. This service is offered free of charge and has no lengthy waiting period. Service may be provided either at the Nipissing Transition House or at the child’s school (we will assist in making these arrangements).

If you are residing at Nipissing Transition House with your children and are interested in any programs offered by the Child and Youth Advocate, please ask a Crisis Resource Counsellor for a referral. If you are a legal guardian and you and your children are not residing at Nipissing Transition House and you would like your child/ren to receive the school-based program, please contact the Child and Youth Advocate at 705-494-9589. The Child and Youth Advocate will then contact you to discuss the program, your concerns and arrange for a prompt program start date. Youth can self-refer to this program.